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Passport Networks Inc. develops networking technology for both wire and wireless connections. We offer solutions for embedded, industrial, and home automation applications. We provide specialized development and consulting services to clients where we believe our in-depth knowledge of the embedded system design and IP network skills will let us do an outstanding, but cost effective jobs.


PNI has the comprehensive experience in the following fields:


PNI was founded by Dr. Ding-Chuan Chen in April 2004. Dr. Chen recognized that the network is widespread and almost every new device will be equipped with network capability. Device as simple as a light bulb can be remotely controlled and has intelligent to turn itself on and off as needed. Electric, gas, and water meter can transmit usage data in real time to user and utility company. Following are the market segment that PNI is currently working on:


PNI has worked closely with Renesas, formerly NEC Electronics America, to develope our ZigBee Module, Smart Energy and Smart Home projects. Currently, all PNI's ZigBee Module MCU is based on Renesas' TK-78K0R/KE3. In the near future, MCU μPD78F8058 will be incorporated into our new ZigBee Module family.

PNI's ZigBee Protocol Stack, ZCP compliant, is based on Skyley Networks' ZigBeePRO SDK. We collaborate with Skyley Networks to develop functions for different ZigBee Application Profiles: ZCL, Smart Energy profile, Home Automation profile etc...

Uniband Electroni Corp. supplies the RF IC for our ZigBee Module.

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