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The evaluation kit PNI-ZM-EV provides the design environment for engineers to quickly develop a wireless application based on PNI's 802.15.4 module, ZM101. The evaluation kit consists of two ZM101 modules and two evaluation boards with USB debug interface.

ZM101 uses the NEC Electronics 16-bits microcontroller (uPD78F1146) and UBEC's UZ2400 2.4GHz 802.15.4 RF chip.


• On chip debug through USB interface on debug board
• RS232 interface for console and data communication channel
• 20MHs clock for High-speed operation
• 32.768KHz oscillator for RTC which provide flexible schedule of sleep and alarm event
• Skyley Networks' 802.15.4 MAC library included for quick application development


• Ready for deployment module, which provides plenty of IO interface
• RP-SMA connector for antenna connection
• Eight channels of 10-bits ADC
• UART, IIC, SPI interfaces are available for host communications
• Two channels of clock/timer input and output; it could also be used for PWM control
• Two external interrup channels
• All special function pins can also be used as IO pin

ZM101 Specification

 ZM 101/102/101PA Data Sheets
 ZM101 NEC uPD78F1146 schematic
 ZM101 UBEC UZ2400 schematic
 USB debug interface schematic
 ZigBee Manual
 ZigBee Security Manual
 ZigBee Network Evaluation Kit User Manual
 ZigBee Network Evaluation Kit Hardware User Guide
 VisualManager V1.0 (for ZigBee networks)
 ZigBee Network Evaluation Kit USB Driver
ZigBee Network Evaluation Kit $150.00

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