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ZM201 is a low cost, small form factor module that provide a reliable, wireless data communication over Zigbee PRO/802.15.4 networks.

ZM201 is a stamp module which offers both U.Fl RF connector and chip antenna.
UZport is a USB to ZigBee converter, which combines ZM201 with a USB dongle.

ZM series is compliant with ZigBee PRO protocol. It supports different network topologies: point-to-point / point-to-multipoint star network topologies, and self-organizing / self-healing mesh networks topologies. It offers network scalability and is ideal for the rapidly growing energy management systems, building automation, lighting control, automated meter reading and security system.

All PNI's ZigBee Module uses the Renasas Electronics’ 16-bits microcontroller (uPD78F1146) and UBEC's UZ2400 2.4GHz 802.15.4 RF chip. The ZM series provides plenty of peripheral such as GPIO, ADC, clock, counter, and PWM for control and sensor network application. ZM’s parameters can be configured through an user friendly wizard, a management utility, and AT command.

• ZigBee/802.15.4 compatible RF module
• 2.4~3.6V Operation
• Sleep Current: 2uA
• Available in star or mesh topologies
• Industrial temperature (-40C to 85C)
• RF Receiver Sensitivity: -95dBm
• RF TX power available in 0dBm
• 8 GPIO
• 8 channels of 10bits ADC
• 2 channels timer/counter/PWM IO
• Watchdog timer
• Hardware security engine (AES-128)
• Real time counter provide flexible sleeping cycle from monthly, weekly, down to a few seconds
• UART, SPI, IIC interface to communicate with the module
• Support console, AT-command, and management utility to configuration the module
• Support transparent and API format communication mode

Pin out of ZM201

 ZM 201 / UZport Data Sheets
 ZigBee Manual
 ZigBee Security Manual
 ZigBee USB Dongle (UZport) Driver
 VisualManager V1.0 (for ZigBee networks)
ZigBee Module Price (under 100pc)
ZM201 (Stamp Module) $15.00
UZport (ZigBee USB Dongle) $60.00

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