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Q: Why sometimes Hyperterminal loses characters or display funny characters?

A: This happens when you open a new Hyperterminal connection and keep inputting the same character. Before Hyperterminal receiving two different characters from the other end, its status is in Auto detect, and the port settings haven’t fully take effect. As a result the transferred data is not predicable. To solve this problem, input two different characters from the other end, then the Hyperterminal status will show your port settings such as 9600 8-N-1, save this Hyperterminal connection. Next you open your saved Hyperterminal connection, everything will be fine.

Q: What should I do when forget the IP address or baud rate setting of a ESport-10x?

A: You can use the searching capability to get the information of all ESport-10x on the network. Double clicks on the searched result will show the detail configuration parameters of the device.

Q: Why I cannot open virtual COMx?

A: In many cases a VCOM can not connect to a server's port are due to incorrect setting. Following are the check list. Ping the ESport' IP address. If no response, please check if ESport and VCOM host computer are in the same subnet or check if the gateway is set up correctly. Check DIP switch on ESport, make sure the switch is set to data mode. Use ESport management software to check out if the designated port is mapped to a VCOM port. Check out the serial port mode in the server properties, it should be RS232, RS422, or RS485H mode. Make sure no other application is currently connected to the server's port.

Q: Why the arrow keys of hyperterminal in Windows 2000 do not work in Console mode and telnet?

A: Please download new version of hyperterminal. The hyperterminal comes with Windows 2000 does not send the arrow key code properly.

Q: Why I am unable to change the parameters of port 1?

A: Serial port 1 is designated console port. The default setting for the console port is 9600 8-N-1. If the serial port 1 is set to console port. It will use the default value that is why it does response to the change. Please check hardware switch or server properties page to see if the serial port mode of the port1 is set to console. Please change it to other mode then its parameter can be changed.

Q: Why parameters in the web console are different than those in the server properties of management utility?

A: The edited parameters in the web console only take effect after reset ESport. Web console show the edited configuration while in the management utility show the running configuration. That is why they might appear differently. It is not recommended to edit server's configuration using two different tools at the same time. Because all change could be over-written by other method.

Q: How to access ESport over WAN?

Q: Why I can see ESport server in ESport manager, but can not connect to it?



Q: Why is ZigBee needed and how is it different than other wirless standard?

A: Create a much needed global wireless language for the little devices that is often overlooked, such as: light switches, thermostats, remote controls, and electricity meters. There is no wireless network standard that meet the needs for sensors and control devices. Multiple standards address mid to high data rate. However, sensor and controls don't need high bandwidth, but need low latency and low energy consumption for long battery lives and large device arrays.

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